Sunday, August 1, 2010

Central Coast

Just passing through Bella Bella in the middle of the wild central coast of B.C. The almost two weeks from Telegraph Cove to Rivers Inlet, we talked to no one else but us and yes, we are still friends!! Got to see some amazing, spectacular stuff. Top of the list is the humpback migration moving through Fitzhugh Sound. We had National Geographic sort of stuff with humpback whales breaching right infront of us and having staring contests with whales! Also awesome is the 43 pound halibut Bryan caught off the docks in Namu! There are so much fish here and salmon are jumping like crazy, flipping us the fin we call it. No salmon caught yet but I think one will come soon. I'm still trying to get the first salmon!

Hopefully in Prince Rupert, I will be able to do a more full account of our trip so far. Internet access has been sparce and the where there is, the connection slow that it is kind of painful. Backspaces can take a minute and oh it takes long for switching between sites. Someone recommended also bringing a novel!


  1. Maggie & Bryan,

    It was so great to meet such awesome people in the short few hours we hung out in Bella Bella. I am happy to say I met two amazing people, I hope you stop off in Port Simpson and take a breather there in my grandparents front yard or elsewhere around the village! Be sure if extra time to check out the Khutzeymateen which is 36miles north of Port Simpson. I hope you two catch plenty of wild salmon along the way and I wish you two nothing but the best of your travels to Alaska. I am honored to meet such great people with amazing journies in life. Cheers Maggie & Bryan, from your new Tsimshian friend that you met in Bella Bella!!!

    **Shawna-Ann Tait**

  2. Hey Maggie, so glad to hear you guys are doing great! We have been following you closely (when I have internet, been traveling!) and are so happy to see you're almost there. Rob Hunt, the kayaking instructor, says hello and he's glad to hear you both are doing well (we actually both work for Choices). We are not going to be able to join you in Prince Rupert as it looks like you might breeze by before the time we have booked off, so we are heading south for our vacation to Portland. Our thoughts are with you both and we shall see you soon!

    Much love, big hugs, and hope for salmon!
    Kirsten & Kris

  3. Hello Maggie,
    Perhaps you saw us pass you by on Saturday August 7. Somewhere below Khutze Inlet we passed two kyakers paddling along the western shore. We were in a white fishboat sporting a blue tarp hung over the bow.
    See you in the fall when you get back to UBC.
    Charles Menzies

  4. Taking a look at your map, I see that you stayed in Swanson's Bay -site of BC's first coastal kraft mill. So we must of passed you a few miles below Swansons. We ended up staying at the Head of Khutze Inlet.