Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Off again into the blue

Thanks to Mark and his mom, Vanessa, we were able to resupply in nearby Port McNeil. Port McNeil is a mere 20km away and would be a full day's paddle...or 20 minutes by car. Really puts things in perspective!
Anyways, we bought lots of food for breakfasts and snacks and looking like we'll be completely self sufficient for the next two months! Half of my 19 foot kayak is also completely full of food!
A really special thanks to North Island Kayak in Telegraph Cove for their warm welcome, support and great advice. Their guides are really awesome and it's a good shop. They totally welcomed us into their little family and we thank them.
We are off to Hanson Island and beyond to the Broughton Archipelago before heading up Cape Caution and then up the Inside Passages.

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