Sunday, June 13, 2010

Departure: Tommorrow!!

The day has finally come! We are doing our last minute check-ups and getting ready to depart tomorrow. Our original plan was to depart today but bloody early at 3:30am, we remembered a few more things to charge and a few more things to take care of. When we're going for a three month expedition, a day for more preparation is considerably more valuable than rushing out.

The plan for tomorrow is to depart Lions Bay in the morning around 8 or 9 am and then cross the 5km stretch to Gambier Island. We will camp in Halkett Bay Provincial Park or somewhere else close by that looks nice to pitch our tent. The next day, we will cross up from Hope Point on Gambier Island 1.5 km stretch to Bowen Island and then another 2km stretch to Keats Island where we will probably spend the night at Plumper Cove Provincial Marine Park. From there on, we will hop from park to park up the inhabited Sunshine Coast.

This is just an idea of how we start our trip. A lot is left up to flexibility to take off days for bad weather or heavy currents so it is very hard to predict exactly where we are going to be. Also, our internet access is probably going to be slim to none but I will be keeping a journal so I will update the blog when I can!

Anyways, we're getting really excited. I was practicing casting my fishing line in the backyard and caught the hedge, some rocks and even some grass. Hopefully, this will translate to fish in the wild! Hehe

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